25 June 2008

I guess I'll take off my pissy pants

I've been a little upset at "jake" and Pageone over that past few days for the not-so-nice words posted about the Fairness Campaign. While I believe he has every right to do his own investigative reporting, using negative criticism does nothing to solve the problem and does nothing more than add fuel to the drama fire.

That said, his update on the whole matter is a little more even-handed, though personal stabs are still present in the article. According to him (I was not present), Fairness did its part last night to be open and welcoming, and I know the organization will do all it can to support a complaint filed by Herndon with the OAG.

Hopefully this all gets resolved. Hopefully Herndon will file complaints with KREF and the OAG. Hopefully Fairness (Carla?) will throw some money into investigating the mail piece. Hopefully we’ll be able to out whomever is responsible. And hopefully everyone can take off their pissy pants and put on a clean pair so we can move forward.

I agree. Let's work to get this behind us and find some healing for our community.

Full article here.

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Jake said...

First: You're an intern for Fairness. Anything you say publicly reflects directly upon Fairness.

Personal stabs?

I merely reported what went down-- including the sick attitude Aletha Fields tried to feed me at the end of the meeting. She was absolutely rude and unprofessional.

Neither Aletha nor Carla behaved in a mature manner with me last evening. I found it quite strange given that Dawn Wilson and I had a huge and public disagreement and she was still able to treat me as an adult and with personal respect. I was nothing but cordial and polite with both Aletha and Carla and neither had the guts to offer the same sort of behavior.

No one gets to walk up to me and spout off without making sense or giving me the opportunity to respond-- especially after preaching a mission of fairness, caring and understanding-- and then expect me not to mention their questionable behavior. I don't play that pissy pants game of intimidation and childishness.

I'm wholly disappointed that you'd throw around judgment without actually having been present. But keep trashing me for reporting what happened. Because that resolves everything and causes all of my hundreds of thousands of readers, viewers and listeners to really love Fairness and C-FAIR.